New Workouts!

Warm up with sit-ups and punching:

If you have a punching tower then wrap your legs around the base and use your legs to help you sit up then punch the bag four times. For the warm up, go slow for a minute.

Punching basics:

Keeping your hands up the ENTIRE time, start with jabs, then reverse punches. Do 15 punches then put the two together. Move on to a hook punch, then an upper-cut, 15 punches each like above then put them together. And last, put all for punches together, keeping your hands up the whole time, and when you punch, one hand is always by your head.

Repeat sit-up punches and punching basics 2 to 3 more times until you have worked out for your 15 minutes.

This is a very short workout. 15 minutes is not long at all, but when you get into it, it may seem forever. This workout is designed for people who do not workout due to time or scheduling. If you are someone on the road and need a more kickass workout, then let me know.

If You’re Not Challenging Yourself, You’re Not Changing Yourself!