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Spot Training

More and more people ask me “what can I do about my stomach, butt, thighs, etc.” After telling them what they can do, they still seem to have that problem area. As it turns out, many people are still focusing on that one or two areas alone. This is called “spot training.” Whenever you train just the area you want to lose fat you actually make it bigger. The muscle grows under the fat, pushing it out, and giving the appearance of looking bigger, not slimmer. If you train with resistance, training commonly using the technique of progressively increasing the force output of the muscle through incremental increases of weight, (weights, bands, kettle bells, etc.) your muscles will get bigger. Spot training does not burn the fat in just the area you work. You have to have the whole body working for you. This is where a Personal Trainer can help, and show you how to train your whole body and teach you to be an efficient calorie burning machine. Don’t just limit yourself to a day or two at the gym either. Be more active and find other ways to train your body to constantly burn calories. Try more walking, hiking, biking or find a sport you like and try it out. UA-32506265-1