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personal training | March 20, 2012

Next Step Personal Training gives you “your hour”


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Philadelphia Health Examiner

Temperatures are rising and spring has arrived. If the warmer weather and the season of new beginnings have you contemplating your health and fitness goals, you may want to check out a new business in Chester County.

When it comes to fitness, West Chester native Christian Burtnett knows what it takes to get people over a plateau. His new company, Next Step Personal Training, emphasizes pushing yourself to that next level and promises that every individual receives an hour that is truly their own.

Christian opened his doors in January. Today, he opens up about his fitness philosophies and what to expect when you walk through those doors for your first session.

Question: What would a typical hour session be like for your clients?

CB: The hour-long session will be thorough. I take my clients to their limit and encourage them to go a little farther, a little harder, do a few more repetitions. If you always work out to where you’re perfectly comfortable, you will only be maintaining your body as it is now. By pushing your body to the “next step”, it has to adapt in order to make the physical change happen.

Question: What are your most and least favorite things about being a personal trainer?

CB: My most favorite thing is making a difference and helping people to understand the benefits of working out. Seeing results is great, but having clients share with others what a difference a healthier lifestyle makes in their lives can ultimately lead to help our country become a healthier nation. My least favorite thing is having people simply not try. Too many people give up too soon during their workout. Getting fit isn’t an overnight miracle; you really have to work hard to get great results.

Question: What is your favorite go-to healthy snack and “clean” breakfast?

CB: My favorite healthy snack would be Bear Naked all natural granola. Clif Bars are also great for an on the go breakfast or just a simple tasty snack. If I’m not in a hurry, I like to eat two scrambled eggs mixed with bell peppers, and reduced fat pepper jack cheese on Arnold’s Thin Bread or Ezekiel bread. I try to get most of my food from local farms so I know it’s fresh and tastes great. The West Chester Growers Market has some great produce and meats, and they also have fresh sushi which I love.

Question: Your website offers recipes, tips and health articles. Where do you glean your information?

CB: All of the recipes, tips and articles are mostly my words, but in this business, you have to keep up with the times so I read a lot of fitness articles. Being a personal trainer for several years, you pick up a lot of tips from the trainer community. Many of my tips are work-out safety advice like “head up when you pick up” to save people from pulling muscles. Also, I used to be a cook and still love to cook, so I’m always looking at recipes to find ways to make them better by adding things or reducing calories by using healthier ingredients.

Question: If your clients would follow just one rule that you teach them for life, what would it be?

CB: The best thing to invest in is yourself! Life should be enjoyed, not sitting around all day. As you get older, your muscles deteriorate and become weaker. By staying active, you can stop this process. You can grow muscle at any age, and there are many consequences of inactivity: trouble walking, reaching for things, breathing and a habitual lack of being adventurous! A lot of people have surgery when they are older. When people aren’t used to exercise, the recovery process becomes much longer and more painful. Invest in yourself now. You should be spending your retirement doing what you love, and NOT paying someone else to fix your heart or knees and helping them out with a nice retirement!

Christian Burtnett has been a personal trainer since 2005 and holds the prestigious Personal Trainer Certification (CPT) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. To book a first free session with Christian, contact him at or visit

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