How Often Are You Working Out?

 Many people that I meet, whether on the street or who come to my gym, Will ask to start training. Most of them want to lose weight and will start right away. But when I ask what kind of workouts are they getting when they’re not at my gym, they reply, I don’t…

I tell people all the time that working out is not an overnight miracle. It takes time and effort, but it's the BEST way to lose weight and transform your body. Working out is not just to lose weight but to get your body moving and willing. Yes, building muscle and burning calories will reduce significant amounts of weight, but why stop there? Get on a bike and go to a park for an hour, go hiking at Hawk Mountain for the day. If you have kids, it would be very important to teach them activities like this so they can enjoy a healthy lifestyle when their older, and that’s just what it is, a lifestyle. You need to change it, you need to challenge it. Don’t just stop at the gym! Ride your bike to the gym if you can, step it up a notch, but if you can’t ride your bike there, that’s ok, but find other activities and start sheading more unwanted weight. You train to change your lifestyle, to do things you can’t do anymore. Get out there and start living the life you trained for.

If you don’t challenge yourself, you don’t change yourself! 

                How Can I Bench More?


A lot of guys want to bench more weight but how do you get past the weight you’re at now? Some of it has to do with the muscles that are around you’re chest that need some work. Add a little bit of weight, grab a partner and find your sticking point. Be honest with some good weight and make sure you use proper etiquette and safety. The last thing you want is an injury before you start or an injury at all for that matter. After you find your sticking point, work out those muscles that are weak and holding you back from locking out at the top. If you stick at the bottom and can’t push off your chest, you might want to strengthen your bicep bracii. If you’re sticking at the top, a few inches from locking out, you want to focus on strengthening your triceps. Keep a solid foundation and a strong back. Bring your shoulder blades close together, keep the natural arch in the small of your back and imagine banding the bar in half, like breaking a pencil. Above all, you need to eat more. If you’re skinny, you have to see that with nothing you get nothing. You can’t build muscle without protein. If the extra protein is not, there then neither is the muscle. Eat more whole foods, brown rice, oats, real butter, olive oil, fish, chicken, meat, veggies and fruits. Look through my page or ask about more food options you should eat.

Wanting To Get Stronger But Without Getting Bulky!


If you’re looking to gain more strength but you don’t want to get bigger or bulk up or look like a body builder, then you can. A lot of people assume that lifting weights makes you bigger, and doing aerobics makes you skinny. Here’s the truth… It’s all about what and how much you’re eating. Let’s take aerobics, you constantly move around for an hour or more to burn calories, right? If you’re eating too many calories, your body will stay about the same, too few calories and your body will use the calories from your muscles, making you look bony. The thing is people don’t like changing their diets and this is where not getting the results you want comes in. If you’re fine with what you are doing then keep going. If you’re looking for another way to strengthen your muscles, then start hitting the weights. Now this is where a lot of people feel like they will get too big, but you won’t. People get big from lifting weights because they work out a lot more often than most people and the key ingredient is that THEY EAT MORE than most people. To get big, people will want to increase their protein and carbs. You should continue to eat normally or if you’re also trying to lose weight, then lower your carbs and fat intake. Lifting weights will help to build lean & tone muscle, and aerobics will help to burn excess fat. Lift heavy (5-8 reps) 2 sets for each major muscle group 2 to 3 times a week and eat according to your diet. Then do aerobics on the off days. The thing to remember is what you are eating. “Diets” don’t work. Eating more sensibly and understanding your calories is what controls your weight.

What Is A Compound Exercise?


What is a compound exercise and should I be doing them? A compound exercise is an exercise that uses more than one muscle group at the same time as well as involving more than one joint in the body. Should you be using them? Yes! If you’re trying to build muscle or even lose weight, you will want to use a lot more compound exercises. Using exercises like this will burn more calories because you’re using more muscles at the same time vs. using only one muscle group. Here is an example; if you’re on a leg extension machine, an isolation exercise, you’re only working one muscle group, your quadriceps. Now if you do a squat, bending with your legs to a 90-degree position, you will work many muscle groups, quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves, lower back and core. Now that you’re using more muscle groups, your body needs to burn more calories for fuel. The benefits of using compound exercises are:

~means more calories burned during exercise.

~simulates real-world exercises and activities.

~allows you to get a full body workout faster.

~improves coordination, reaction time and balance.

~improves joint stability and improves muscle balance across a joint.

~decreases the risk of injury during sports.


Many people think if they do these exercises, they will become very big or bulky. This is not the case. The people you see at competitions or referred to as bodybuilders, spend a lot more time in the gym then the person standing next to you. They eat a lot and every one of them is taking a steroid. Look it up. But you don’t take steroids so that leaves one thing…Eating! You have to take another look at what you’re putting into your body. Keep track of how many calories you’re eating a day. Eat fresh foods and don’t overeat. If you’re trying to bulk up, then increase your protein a bit and eat a lot more food, fresh foods still. If you want to get big, you have to eat big. For most people in today’s society, we have become more of a “lean”culture. In other words, skinny is in, bulk is out.




Your back is a tough spot to work out. Let’s train your BACK!


So how do you work these muscles? The classic advice is to do variations of dumbbell, barbell and cable rows, all of which are terrific for working your upper back muscles, but you need weights or a machine to do these exercises. So here are some ways to work out your back with just your body weight or you can increase the intensity as you get stronger. It’s a trio of exercises known as Floor Y-T-I Raises that require only your body and can be done in your living room in front of the TV. Just follow the instructions below.


Floor Y-T-I Raises:

  Together, these three exercises target the muscles of your upper back and shoulders.

 Do 12 repetitions each of Y-T-I while lying face down on the floor, without resting between movements. So you’ll do 12 reps of the Floor Y raise (arms out in front of you in the shape of a “Y”), followed immediately by 12 reps of the Floor T raise (arms straight out to your sides like a “T”), followed immediately by 12 reps of the Floor I raise (arms straight out in front). Rest two minutes and repeat two more times.

 For a little more of a work out try these exercises!

 Tone and strengthen your back in almost no time with this 15-minute routine. It targets your lats and the muscles in your upper and middle back, which are common weak spots in women that lead to poor posture and back fat. These back exercises for women not only help you stand tall, but they also work your entire core, helping to cinch your waist in like a corset.

 Complete this workout once or twice a week: Starting with the first exercise, do one set of each move, resting for 60 seconds between exercises. Once you've completed all four moves, rest for two minutes and complete the entire circuit two more times.


      ·         Negative Chin-up

      ·         Modified Inverted Row

       ·         Rear Lateral Raise

      ·         Swiss Ball Y Raise