Welcome To Next Step Personal Training

Hi, my name is Christian Burtnett NSCA-CPT

Owner of Next Step Personal Training

I have a personal gym on Wilmington pike near Jimmy Johns across the street from Watkins gymnastics. This is a one-on-one personal training studio. Unlike larger gyms in and around the area, you have more room and will not have to worry about waiting for a machine or free weights, being bothered by staff or other members and you won’t have to work out near or with people you don’t know. This is your hour.

In the studio I will teach you about safety, proper form and the effective way to working out. I offer resistance training with free weights, machines, resistance bands and more. I will also work you out with cardio training, kickboxing, plyometric, tai chi forms and circuit training. I will show you how to perform exercises the correct and safe way by correcting form, and teaching safety of the machines and the way your body moves with every exercise. Keeping you safe is my number one concern, so it is important to learn proper etiquette on equipment and body form.

Nutrition is very important in weight loss. Many people may not  realize what they are eating or how much. I will show you how to eat more sensibly and how many calories you should eat in a day. You will also learn about a variety of foods that are not only good for you, but taste great and are easy to prepare for a meal or snack. For more information please feel free to ask any questions on my page to help get you started.

          It only took two days a week!
Robert G.
"I am a grateful client of Christian's. He had a ton of knowledge and was willing to share it, and perhaps most importantly, while he initially thought he needed to push me, he quickly realized that what I needed most was to learn moderation, and that is what he focused on from that day forward. (I'm in my mid 50's, somewhat in shape, with a goal of overall health... not body building)"
Carolyn T.

“Christian helps me with the pain I get in my feet. The pain that I feel in the heels of my feet is caused by the muscles in my calves being too tight. My calves have to be exercised and stretched. Christian works with me to stretch these muscles and believe it or not the pain in the heels of my feet goes away. He gave me several different exercises and I’m walking again!”

Stacey L.

“Christian helped me change my life around. Having a baby made me hate the way I looked, but Christian has shown me how to work out, lose weight, and look great, all while still having time for my kids!”

Bob R.

“Christian introduced me to many, many variations of weight training exercises, and quickly grasped the importance of having me slow down and do less so I could have good results in the long run.”

Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative
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